Martha Hughes Cannon Timeline

May 17, 1834

Angus Munn Cannon born in Liverpool, England to Ann Quayle and George Cannon

July 1, 1857

Martha Maria Hughes born near Llandudno, Wales to Peter Hughes and Elizabeth Evans


Hughes family emigrates to the US, arriving in New York City

Sept. 13, 1861

Hughes family arrives in Salt Lake City with the Joseph Horne Company; Peter Hughes dies a few days later.

Oct. 25, 1862

Elizabeth Hughes married James P. Paul


Mattie attends and graduates from the University of Utah in chemistry


Mattie attends and graduates from the University of Michigan Medical School; practices medicine for a short time in Algonac, Michigan


Student at the University of Pennsylvania Auxiliary School of Medicine, where she graduates with a BS


Student at the National School of Elocution and Oratory from which she is awarded a diploma


Resident physician at the Deseret Hospital. Establishes a private practice.

Oct. 6, 1884

Marries Angus M. Cannon in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City

January 1885

Angus arrested on the charge of unlawful cohabitation. Mattie sought as a witness.

Sept. 13, 1885

Elizabeth Rachel Cannon born in Grantsville, Utah

April 1886

Mattie and Elizabeth travel into exile in England, where she lives in Liverpool, Birmingham, Wolverton, and Brighton and for a short time in Bern and Zurich, Switzerland

December 1887

Mattie and Elizabeth return to the US and visit friends and seek medical care in Algonac and Ann Arbor, Michigan

June 1888

Mattie and Elizabeth at home in Utah. Mattie re-establishes her medical practice.

May 19, 1890

James Hughes Cannon born in Salt Lake City. Mattie takes her children into exile in San Francisco.


The first female state senator. Serves one term.

June 7, 1915

Angus dies in Salt Lake City.

July 10, 1932

Mattie dies in Los Angeles, California